Tuesday, February 18, 2014

ah, dreams...

It's always fun when I have an acting scene in my dream.  Because I never know my lines.  But I'm always, "What the heck.  Let's do this!!"  And I have a lot of fun and then I beg mercy of the director.  Yeah, yeah.  I know I need to learn my lines.  Oh, you don't want Kincaid to lie dead on the floor?  Me either.  Funny, I never even looked at his lines.  In fact, I thought he was a painter.

The whole thing is still making me laugh.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

My Mac is Working!

All is right with the world!  Yay, I love my Mac.  Please don't die.  Please don't freeze my mouse ever again.

S and I are listening to Brandi Carlile and working on our respective 'puters.  She's got me taking raw garlic to fight my throat congestion.  Hm.  You take it by spoonful and wash it (very quickly) down with water.  Seems to work a bit.  I'll probably keep it up.  It's not too bad if you wash it quickly down with water.

S is building a website, programming it all and learning a ton.  Wow.  I'm just learning novel-writing stuff.  Life is good.

Monday, January 20, 2014

Friday, August 30, 2013


IQ Test
IQ Test

I've improved :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

what's up...

I feel I've neglected this blog for a while.  Here's what's up in my life in case you're interested...

~ I started a debt pay off blog that's anonymous.  You guys can know.  If you want to read it just let me know and I can email you the addy.  (I don't want to link it to anything.)  It's kinda boring.  I just keep doing budget after budget and whining about being broke and in debt.  But it does keep me motivated.

~ I am thinking about finishing my TESOL this month.  Ugh.  The pressure.  I left off when it became tremendously more excruciatingly dull work.

~ I ordered DDP yoga and I'm really excited about it.  I haven't been able to get myself back into a running schedule, whether because of my hurt foot or lack of motivation, I don't know...both I guess.. but I'm hoping I can get into a nice DDP yoga schedule and get in shape.  I hope I won't slack off.  If anyone wants a yoga buddy, I'm your woman.  :)  I'll be keeping my DDP yoga journal at Dr. McDougall's forum, right here.  DDP yoga comes with a schedule/program, so I will just follow that once it comes.  I'm really impatient for it to be here.  Have I mentioned I'm excited about it?

~ I haven't been studying Esperanto lately.  I've moved more into screenwriting again... and watching more movies.. Lately I've seen Avatar, Remains of the Day, The Truman Show, Oblivion, The Great Gatsby, and more.  I have a stack of movies from the library to watch.  I consider this all part of research, not just enjoyment.  However I still want to study Esperanto but kinda want to get finished with the TESOL first.  It's just hard for me to get back into TESOL at this point.  Maybe during the weekend I'll do it.

~ I have a date this Thursday.  :)  Met on OKcupid.  Let's call it a meet up.  We'll see how it goes.  I've been blogging online (a private diary) about my dating life for a few weeks and it's helping me to stay proactive in that area.  However, for obvious reasons it's a private blog, just an online diary that helps me analyze and get to my deeper feelings about things.  And of course there's no names or anything like that.  But I'm excited to be "putting myself out there" as they say.
 That is about all that is new for now.

Space Oddity

Monday, March 25, 2013

For Andre

 Camden and Lavandon have done some redecorating.
 They took out the kitchen table and put in a kitchen caddy.
 A nice one.
 The kitchen table is now in the kitchen nook.
They call it the dining room.

Friday, February 22, 2013

my book arrived!

I am totally enamored.  I am thinking of putting in effort for a rewrite or at least some editing to make it worthy of public attention.